Fixing the washing machine

Every morning I either contemplate on why my life is so full of “Things to do” or make a schedule for the day. 

Since morning I was trying to quicken the process. I had to take my mom to the hospital before going to the class and then probably meet two of my friends and also complete two video and a pending website and visit a point of interest in Bangalore. Oh I also have to upload a scrap for my sister and yes finish that novel and the booklet in my bag. All done I have to close the umpteen open tabs in my chrome. I guess.. that’s it for today; Phew!

So, I wake up at 5 and we leave for walk by 5.30. Come back around 7 and then I think we can leave for hospital by 8.30 to get the first appointment. Okay, that got disrupted by the washing machine mechanic visiting us today. My sister has an exam and the washing machine guy gave an appointment of today. Okay! Don’t know when but he will give a call before he comes. Fine. 9 we will reach hospital by 10.30 will be back. 11 I can still make to the class. Meet a friend for lunch and another in the evening and maybe buy Wacom on iPod with my chroma cards and then be back and try to finish the rest of the things. 

I cook so that we make everything in time. My mom dozes off. It’s 9. Mom can we go now? She said, but the washing machine guy is coming today. Washing machine fix will be so helpful. 

A washing machine fix takes over the hospital visit 🤣. 


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