Chess: Black and white of it

A very small incident from the telephone conversation with my niece Nishu Baba. It made me reflect to the darker and lighter side of human thinking. Just like the chess has black and white so do we have the capability to interpret the same statement in a positive or a negative way. Choice is yours, which side of the board do you want to be.

So, she was telling me about what all sports/games she likes. We happened to click on Chess. She broke the board, but she continued playing, by creating a new chessboard for herself, out of an old cardboard. Her instructions on the phone were super clear on how to make a chessboard. Cut out a 16cm board and a white paper. Mark at every 2cm vertically and horizontally, so that we have 8 squares on length and breadth. Now color the alternating squares black. Tada.. we play again! How lovely the mind of a child thinks.

 On the other hand an adult possibly might hear this, to criticise this construction. Why act like you have no money. Can’t afford one? And the thoughts on this end has no ends.

I would really want to be that on the white side. Act first, without having seen the other person’s moves. With full confidence. 


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