Hey lady, what’s your age?

I so fuckin’ love this lady. She really is that lady in my head with all the right words.  It reminds me of my latest trip. Trip to Rajasthan. I was on eating golgapas in the streets of Jodhpur, when this uncle starts chatting with us. We were photographers travelling, so he asked us to join them next day for a traditional local festival. He starts talking to me too. The first question is, “Beta shadi ho gayi apki?” (Are you married?). And me being single became the world’s saddest news for him. He looked at me with pity and he wished me that I would find my prince charming soon. He was so taken aback that, after 2 hours he finds me on the same street and blesses me again, “Is saal dekhna beta, apki shadi pakka ho jaegi” (You will for sure get married this year). Thanks for the forecast with a broadcast Stranger Uncle, I sighed with embarrassment.  “Uncle ji, I don;t want to get married”, had I told this;I am certain he would have died instantly out of heart attack.


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