Breaking those Boundaries

Date                 : 4th July,2013
Location             : Karnataka
Where are you from?  : I am from Bihar
Where in Bihar?      : Bhagalpur, around 6hrs from Patna, overnight from Kolkata.

I was taught in school to answer this question as “I am from India” during the Kargil war in 1999. But that answer did extend to “I know you are an Indian, where in India? which state?” , with a smile curved around their face.

Date                      : 23th December,2009
Location                  : Vikramshila Express
आपका नाम क्या है?          : नंदिनी
[ What is your name?      : Nandini ]
पूरा नाम                    : नंदिनी
[ Full name?              : Nandini ]
ठीक है, पिता का नाम क्या है?  :राम बहादुर साहू
[ Ok, Father's name?      : Ram Bahadur Sahu ]
बहादुर, नेपाली? साहू, फिर शाह : साहू
Bahadur,Nepali? Sahu or shah : Sahu

I wish I had replied to that typical uncle,  “चाचा, तेली हू!  आप मेरी जाति सही पूछ रहे थे, है न |” [ Uncle, I am a Teli. You were asking my caste. Weren’t you? ]


These boundaries, religion – caste – geography. I wish I was not so civilized, you know.

  • I could swim freely like a fish and fish in the unbounded ocean and not be jailed. 
  • I could fly freely like that Great egret across the continents without having to cross a wall.
  • I could be gallop as an antelope, all the land like it is mine , without having fought for it. 
  • I could build my nest wherever I wanted to without having the worries of this world.



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