The other side of the wall.

Morning I went on a walk. I thought of not taking the normal track meant for joggers. I went out of the park as I wanted to make a circle in my Nike+ app. I went through those flats which were tall and high. And then I pass through people. Real people. Who woke up 6.30 in the morning to queue up their buckets, colored plastic pots and bisleri cans at the cemented water tank. Smiling and chit chatting with their neighbours. Starting their day with the fight for drinking and cooking water. Little later possibly there would be ladies washing the clothes and kids taking bath as well.   On the way, I heard the cooker whistle. Smelt the daal* that was being prepared mostly for sambhar**. The house varanda(read road) sept clean and the slippers outside. I saw a person at the 4rth floor  of those concretes, brushing his teeth and peeking down from at the daily routine.

Looking at the other side of the buildings, having passed through those broken window panes, those cracked walls. Witnessing the smiles that the onlookers exchanged. The old man carrying the bisleri can from the common tank. It is not a fight. It’s not a race. If you wish to live, there is ample amount of opportunity for you. I met a security guard cycling his way back home. I met the auto rickshaw guy who possibly dropped me once. Whatever be the condition, you can always survive. I hope those people near the Atal Bihari Vajpayee jogger’s track, the people whose houses were demolished, are doing good somewhere. I saw the balloon wala sleeping with his family outside a shop. I guess their shelter is just the blanket they have. But then with all the worries, no shoes and possibly no money, they were trying to survive, sustain their family.  It was an answer to my mind. The question that I had. All you need to do is look at the right side. There’s no point living a life full of fear. You will have to struggle, that’s all. No point running that rat race, I feel.

daal : pluses/lentil , staple food in India.

sambhar : daal/ lentil-based vegetable stew in South India.


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