Just a pair of shoes, but how important. Good shoes can make your walk pleasant, take you to beautiful destinations. Symbolically as well, good shoes can make you conquer the world!

I always felt how important it is to wear the right shoes. One of the best *materials* invented. I realized it only when I gave away mine to the garbage collector who would collect plastics on the roadside for his living. He was limping. There was a bandage on his left big toe. He wasn’t drunk but he surely was walking like one. Was he going to go unconscious that’s why? I was on my bicycle. A scooty swooped right by my side. Making this garbage collector walk in the lengthy stretch of water gutter in front of the Jeevanbhima nagar petrol pump. He squeaked. I guess because the greasy water wetted his wound. He mumbled a few words as I looked at him in pity. I asked him if he wanted my shoes. Language issues. I stopped by at the end of the pit he was crossing. Looked at his feet and then mine. Made him wear my left shoe. Bingo! that’s why I like loose shoes. A little relieved of pain he asked me for the other pair. I don’t know what else he told apart thank you, but I was really happy. I cycled back 5 km without any footwear, I wonder how their skin has hardened to form the natural soles. I pedaled and with every pedal  I felt having walked some distance towards the “tirth yatra” ~ pilgrimage to Bol Bam (a temple of Lord Shiva in Deoghar, Jharkhand).

I have given money to beggars, I feel bad about that. Now I stopped giving alms [and lately I also learnt about the anti-beggary act. Sadly they don’t pickup calls or act on the information given]. This guy was trying to earn his living o the garbage *we* create. He is ignored. He is wearing those right pair of shoes which we should step in as well. The previous day I saw these balloon vendor family walking bare footed. I dream. A lot. I wanted to open a shoe factory back in 2012 ( that’s when I got the perfect pair of shoes ). Maybe someday I would compete with Mochi.

Generally people form an impression by others appearances. Dressing, the area where they live in, the fancy cars they own, language and well yes your accent.For me, it’s been how comfortable do they look. Mostly if their shoes look comfortable, they are my kind. Not that I judge people based on their shoes, but a quick connect happens if their shoes look cool. Coz you know, life is too short to wear boring shoes.

Crocs are the best shoe that I have had. Having once worn custom shoes with rods stuck on both side of the ankle bone, ask me about good shoes. I can count 1, 2 and alas there’s no 3.

I have got footwear to all my loved ones. My world of loved ones is increasing day by day. I need some thrust. Seems like time to make the dreams true.

#TheWhiteWalkers #TheCobblerFactory #UnderWorld #StandingHigh #SteppingStones #JumpingJacks #SoleToSoul …




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