Only crying babies get fed!

Yay! Didn’t realize [or possibly had overlooked it] this until a friend of mine told it out. It’s true. Naked truth.

So, if I am not happy about the current situation and complaining about it. It’s good. Likely to get fixed. Just as this autocorrect works, marks the wrong spellings with crooked red underlining, which irritates me to hell – compels me to correct it.

I have been a listener to many many cranky-whiny-grumpy-moaning-wimpy-kids. After a lonnnnnng time, it seems I have turned into one as well. My “gurutwata” post has got a little quiver. These on and off tremors seems to have intimidated me. How can I guide them, when I am myself groaning. Today, enlightened I walk back to the realms of my satisfied soul. Not self-contemplating. Being the ear I used to be, without regrets.

Identify you have a problem-go to the doctor-take the medication.

Scream – yell – shout – yelp – lament – sob.

Get out roaring.


Just attesting this – a small incident at my workplace,

A team mate of mine “V” had been getting this weird smell all week long. While all of us ( 4 of us are in a cube ) denied of any such smell. Making jokes about somebody’s body odour, gastric issues. Every morning V would come and tell the same story, while none of us had the slightest sense of smell he was getting. He changed his shoes for 3 days. We skipped office alternatingly. Smelling the dustbins. Bags. There was lot of sniffing going around here. The bay got involved in the conversation. Stand ups had this topic. Finally today, one more person attested the smell of a weird kind. It just passed by, but sent a shiver down my spine. Saying that, the story repeated. A person from the ther bay stood up and suggested sending a mail to facilities team. You know what happened next. We got a dead rat just above V’s seat. Not under his nose, but just above his head :D. It had been rotting there in the rat trap for days. Oh, his usual chucklesome stretch has now  bubbled up a triumphant smile. He says, I feel so relieved now!


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