If actions speak louder than words, how can pen be mightier than sword. Bamboozled right ;)

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I had to pen this down. Huh!

I believe in actions, not just blind words. Because you can always brag, but the truth might be completely different. Dreams are like words, when attained is in action. As like, those who speak the loudest need not be the mightiest. But then, what is my tool here? I am using my digital pen to fight my thoughts, or at times to smack those humbugs.

While words could be convincing-words written using the pen-lead to action-of picking up the sword. It’s all stirred together in the same cauldron.

Okay let those contradictions be apart and see each proverb in isolation.

Pen is mightier than sword. Yes, the pen of a person who not just knows how to hold a pen, but also how to use one. As violence is found in almost every section of the society.  Now, if I start believing/following all the crap spilled to read. I might have to wipe my own face. So, choice of whom to listen and whom to ignore is vital. Who gets a clap and who gets a slap.

Actions speak more than words. I follow this institution. Might not have acted a lot, but I would advocate only what I do. What’s the point of building a dream of glass house, which shatters when we open the eyes.



2 thoughts on “If actions speak louder than words, how can pen be mightier than sword. Bamboozled right ;)

  1. I think everything has its place. A pen is mightier than a sword indeed when it is in the right hand as it can do a world of difference. I don’t know if both these thoughts need to correlated. As per me both are independent and spoken about in different contexts. Of course actions speak louder than words when the words are spoken by someone and that someone is supposed to act as per those.


    • Haha! Good one. I am actually quite clear in my head. Just that these two metaphors popped up almost at the same time in my mind, the oxymoron made me a moron :P.

      Actions speak louder than words. As I told, I follow that. I do more than preach. I would say it is at a smaller/ personal level.
      Pen is mightier than sword, like you mentioned when in the right hand. For the “right hand”, their words are actions. Their words drive the rest. Brings peace or starts a mutiny. Words written would make history, be immortal. While the fighter will die, and only some would cry.


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