Cycling vs Scootying

Yesterday I rode my friend’s activa for around an hour. Trust me wasn’t that much fun as an hour of cycling would be for me (downhill please :)). My hand started aching without having done the biceps and triceps exercise. Every bump would make me jump a feet high and dive my moral a feet low. Bump, and there goes a nice motion to the tier around my waist and my sweet little chubby tummy. Hah!  Zero loss in calories. A thousand breathes of carbon, either for you or for me or even better; both of us share 😂. 

I was utterly confused during the entire trip. Thanks to the shifting process! While I realized cycling back today was so soothing for me. I mean I was smiling. Cycling slow and fast. Sitting on the seat and standing up like a petty rikshawala. It is fun. 

Not that biking is not fun. Oh! I have enjoyed that as well. You should look at my smile in the double road. I drive like a boss! (yes! Drive not ride :roll:😝) 

I am not living in denial. It’s no more walk to office; we live in one end of city and work at other end, diameter of city being 50KM only. It definately must be necessary to have a two wheeler. Infact I am in process of evaluation for the same. I think I would prefer bus, Considering anyways I am gonna move inch by inch 😂😂.


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