Ignorance, a path to Peace.

You might just not want to agree with me. But think again and tell me if it is untrue. 😝

Do I ignore all these news of assault, terror, discrimination; I get a really peaceful sleep. Although it’s a literally sound πŸ˜‚. Ya, I snore. So what, you don’t know if you do, doesn’t mean you don’t πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Do we overlook the actions of our neighbors (ya local and international as well), how many lives would be sane and safe.

Did our Indian daughter bypass the actions of her molesters, she would have dodged the abdominal injuries at least. How disgusting!

Do we forgive our past; our future would be so bright.
Do we just let it pass, how beautifully it remains the same.

I used to think, Ignorance is a bliss. But no, negligence is just limiting me to my own cocoon. I would never know, what wings are supposed to be used for.

I read few quotes:

Ignorance is a voluntary misfortune!

 It poisons love, friendship and all the good feeling.

You cannot change how someone thinks of us, but all you can do is how you react to it.

So, it’s time I start facing my nightmares, react to those lewd comments, be the Nirbhaya.

#noMoreIgnorance #knowYourTrueSelf #letUsTalk


P.S. The newspaper guys, I request you to come with a color coding. Red for bad news, Blue/Green for good news. Haha! But then, I bet the newspaper will be bleeding, real red.


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