Paradigm Shift

I don’t have the best of experiences on road. Having dislocated my elbow once, chased by police, ridiculed by an auto guy for no good reason, abused by some random guy when learning to ride a motorbike. Mm..I have an impression people just would tramp each other while on their vehicles. Thinking too Big of themselves. The car owner looks down to the motorbike rider. The motor bike owner eyes the cycle riding person or the pedestrian. While this is not just a sweeping generalization I just made. But it’s over time observation. People around me, from my family too my closest friends are just the same. The raise their hand, abuse, glare when given a look back. 

But when yesterday I was walking in the rain, and the school bus just stopped for me. I was awed. To my disbelief his honking was to get my attention and not to corner me to the rear edge of the footpath I was walking on(yes they drive on footpaths too, or even better we don’t have a footpath), but to ask if I wanted a drop somewhere. That was just lovely.

I am happy to accept I was a wrong. I have been bullied, but my irritation at his honking was shattered by a wide smile. That day was already made! Those little kids I guess add to the kindness. The driver knows how carefully he has to take these future dreams to the kinder garden. 


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