Women, the equal half!

I believe in gender equality. Infact I believe in no distinction at all. Why male, why female?

After all we are all human. But sadly, inhumane to the other half of the society which births the species to continue existence.

Household violence, deprivation of education, female foeticide, veiling (purdah), following the norms of the society, rape, acid attack, voicing down her opinion, honour killing, prostitution, not leaving home after sunset. These exist, even today!

In fact, if you try to break through the discrimination you are confined even more. But silence is the key to it.

While women exercised all the rights and privileges in the Vedic period, be it religious, educational, spiritual, choice of marriage-remarraige, political opinion. The rise of the patriarchal society started opressing the “she” section of the society.

Female birthing the offsprings, taking care of household while the male protected and cared for their family . This is how oppression started? No! this is all biological. Understanding this, the gender roles were created. That was the beginning of family. But society, mandated the female to handle the kitchen, set the dinning table, iron the husband’s shirt, speak softly. That became oppression.

This “unjust” is conditioned in us. Having seen it in our family, community, society. Parents (both of them), distinguished male child to female. To take forward their blood! Not able to voice our trauma, due to incapability and helplessness of the situation (being dependent); Education has given power back in the hands. Women rose! Freedom is in their hands.

It’s time, I speak, we speak. Many of us have spoken, many are speaking about this.

This oppression is created, can be destroyed the same way. Women should or shouldn’t is not to be discussed. We are all the same. Nobody, any less.

“It is time that we all see gender as a spectrum instead of two sets of opposing ideals.” ~Emma Watson

Good/More Read: https://palisuttas.wordpress.com/2014/03/11/the-status-of-women-in-ancient-india-and-the-pali-tradition/


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