Just two drops.. No doesn’t just eradicate polio.

Just two drops of rain it takes to create a massive jam at BEML gate, Thippasandra,  HAL and old airport road.

I have been wanting to commute by bus on account of rain, but I think I rather be drenched while cycling than sit in that bus that keeps roaring and honking for 2 hours. (They don’t even shut the engine, even when there has been not an inches movement in past 20 minutes.)

Yesterday and today I got down near Jeevan Bhima road and walked to office. The cars (with only the drivers) are so tightly packed that I had tough time snaking through them (You could comment on me, but I am not that fat :P)

Today I got a newspaper, I haven’t read that much of a newspaper I think in my entire life :D.  Not to surprise after that I walked and reached in 25 minutes and bus came 1.5hrs late.

Yesterday I completed 40 pages of that stupid story book. That book is so much like the dramas shown on star tvs. The girl is in love, the guy says, “We can be friends”. Blah! Blah!

I walked to the next traffic police and informed him of the scene and asked him to go help, as there was only one police to manage the cars flooding in left-right-centre. He was barely visible.

By scene, I would want to show you the visuals but I didn’t feel like clicking then, just get the hell out of there.


This is how the traffic flow is. Oh Pardon please! This is how it must flow.

But instead, the traffic from HAL, Jeevan Bhima and Marathahalli just takes the entire road and waits for their passage to the other side. And what do they expect? Those nonsensical creatures lives on only that side of the circle. Well, eye-opener here. NO! The traffic going towards HAL are stubborn as well, they occupy the entire stretch of a two way road making it one way.

So, one way from that side towards BEML circle. One way from this side towards BEML circle. And so from the other 3 roads left too. How is the traffic supposed to flow? I think there must be some worm hole in between. Haha!

I passed that traffic and saw the open road, such a releif!

The feeling was like I have been put in dark for an undefined time and then light stuck my eyes. I looked back and smiled. No vehicle came behind me. I was walking alone in the middle of the road. Nobody honked from behind. Nobody!

And then, I see a bike going in that direction of BEML. I warned him. But he saw the empty road ahead and ignored. Fool! that’s the silence before the storm I said, and walked in the beautiful weather Bengaluru has given to me to cheer. Abdul kalam road is really beautiful.



While people think they are the only ones to reach home, “People” become responsible for half the problems. Why just blame the system.


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