Just a simple Hi..

I parked my cycle and took the lift. Aah, shit. It stopped at 1st floor. A number of people would now enter and would be destined to all the floors between 1 and 7. Stopping at every single floor. Had I the control, I would seal the lift doors. But Alas! I can do nothing, just listen to the music and feel the fan over my sweaty head.

Only one person entered. I passed a half-smile. In return I got a wide smile with a Hi. [I had only seen the CTO, CEOs doing that. We know them for sure. It feels they know us too.] I was no more glommy at sharing the lift. I chirped “Hii” back to him. Srinivas.. Nandini.. 7th floor. See you around!, Have a great day.

Indeed, I had a great day. Why do we not say Hi so often? Why are they strangers? They are employees in the same company. We share the same cafeteria, same employer, we work with each other, at times for each other.

Not just at work, but the road I cross daily, the grocerry shop, the neighbourhood.

While technology is conecting us, we are taking ourselves further. Across the sea and beyond the walls. Away from reach.

“Kuwe ka mendhak nikal to gaya, per kisi bheed me bus kho gaya hai!” 

PS: You know that day, I met one of the pioneers of India in Accessibility, Srinivasu Chakravarthula.




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