Well that’s something, common in all of us.

What is the definition of perfect? Who coined it? Was he perfect? Or whatever he considered to be faulty is wrong? How could he know that this is supposed to be perfect? Waking up early, working with all your heart, exercise, eat healthy food, smile and be happy. That looks perfect? Why isn’t a gay relationship give you a perfect feeling?

Jealous am I? That is not in the definition of a perfect being? Ok fine. But what if you are not jealous and you are being cheated. How does your perfection help you?

I was a little worried over my behaviour a few days back. Today I was reborn again, but the counter wasn’t. Here is how the conversation went. I compliment a person over chat. That person complains me of not having messaged over months seeing the chat history. I got hit several times. Then an Impulsive but very true response I shouted out from within. “Neither did you.” Which was so true. Is it that I had done something wrong. Maybe no. I was just not happy with it all my past few days. But appears that it wasn’t just only my problem. I am not in accordance with the behaviour expected of me, because the other one doesn’t let me be.

 to be continued…


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