Is it that easy to put food in drains?

30 KG of food every meal, in drains. Neither man nor animal benefits that. Only adds to more garbage. As if we have less already!

People sleep on empty stomach. Even worse, they die out of hunger.

I find it bewildering, how in my college they would not give the left over food to the workers, who were happy to have it and share with the neighbours. The mess manager was my close friend, I discussed with her. Her reasoning ( Upper management speaking ) was that the mess workers intentionally cook more food, if they are allowed to take the leftovers back home. Tell me one thing, how long is the food going to last? But yes, we took steps, where if you are planning to not have food, let us know by applying a leave ( you do not get charged for that ). I do not know to what extent it reduced, but that topic was discussed no more ! 😕

I am shocked to know the fact, that in my cafeteria the food which is left-over (good to eat) is escorted by a security to the closest drains. When I discussed with the concerned team, they were ready to change, to give the food to the piggery but not people. But I am glad they are ready to take steps that might minimize this “food surplus”  issue. I found “Feeding India”, working on this. Hope collaboration with them works 🙂

How can we be so insensible? These topics comes, gets discussed and is silenced. Let’s not spam others is the usual reply. A little search for the right people was required. 10 minutes and I found the Feeding India. The day I got to know of the stats (30KG food wastage), I could not let the thought away.



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