Try listening… {Part1}

Sometimes spend time doing nothing but listening to the external world. What all can you hear. Let the mind think of nothing, but just concentrate on the sounds being emitted for the surroundings.

These kinds of ‘vichaar’ sometimes keeps popping in my head. I am crazy enough to follow them.

I was cycling to office yesterday.

I listened to the honking buses.

I heard the auto trumpeting by my side.

The indicator blinking.

Cars zooming by.

A person spitting by the side.

The cluttering of the rubbing metal body parts of the garbage truck.

And then I take the cut which secludes me from traffic.

Through the lush green trees and lake by the side.

What I can hear is beautiful.

The air gushing through my ears and the flapping of my jacket.

My cycle’s chain rhyming with my paddle strokes.

The little birds chirping.

The dead leaves rolling.

Well, I reach my office

The AC fans are roaring at my face

The heat it emits might even kill a chase

The door thumps and I am in this world

With machines, I am a machine for the fixed number of hours.


2 thoughts on “Try listening… {Part1}

    • That doesn’t affect me, those sound waves have frequencies higher than the upper audible limit of my (human) hearing capability.. I will give you edit permissions, so you can write your experiences in {part 2} 😛


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