The Blue Ticks

The blue ticks, what it did to me? or you? I started noticing that this person has read my message and not replied to it. This friend of mine is ignoring me. Is my message not that important to him/her? Without understanding about their work, situation, condition. If they could read the message, as well could have bother replying. I heard this as well. Didn’t get affected by it a lot, because as soon as it came in my apps – the sooner it left. But I have heard lamenting over this from a few of my friends. He has started ignoring me now. He is not concerned. Agh, why did this blue tick had to intrude the privacy of the person? Delivered and read ( but not responded ). Oh I thought you slept, but you are online. While I like being invisible ( if you remember this was one of the status available in gmail ), these people even detect that my internet on/off/read has been done when I again connect to internet.

Technology mocks at us. 

[P.S : I am laughing remembering those days,  I wrote it when the blue ticks feature was introduced in Whatsapp. People around me had gone crazy testing it ( yes IT engg ), and my non IT friends were emotionally getting affected by it. ]


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