I cycle.

The morning I decided I will cycle no more, buy a scooter. Commute would become faster, less painful, less pollution intake. I read the news that Leo takes his first Oscar, and the message to world is “Climate change is real, let’s not take it for granted.”

Let me tell you the reason why I chose to cycle, when people would ask me not to giving the reasons of less smoke intake, traffic time, etc.. I wanted to be not to add to the pollution. I don’t want one more vehicle standing high on earth, under the sky, strangling her breath. One reason I prefer not taking cabs although convenient until sharing.

Cycling I broke my hand ( Keep it a seeecreeettt… I was trying a small stunt :P), a couple of days back, stretched the same ligament. At times I feel like a rikshaw puller. Sweat like a pig. Feel like just not going another inch on the uphill road. But at the end of the day, it is one of the only exercises I do. Maybe my pose might not be the correct one, but it works out my thighs. I can feel the blood pumping. It gives  me a sense of accomplishment. I at times overtake cars, bikes, autos. And always am able to sneak through the little gaps when in traffic. Shhh! but sometimes I can even be a pedestrian and break the signals. With all these perks, I am doing my part as well :).

I am right now reminded of the late night rides I take from work sometimes. Pleasant wind gushing through my ears. Listening to their music I pedal slowwwwwwly. In the moment I enjoy the night sky and feel like that’s how a day must end, a happy smile-pleasant sky-tired you fall and sleep.



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