Mobile Era!

“It is amazing how mobilized we have become!”, this was the small talk I had with the director in the lift. I had earphone my plugged, listening to songs while cycling. When he entered at floor 3. I smiled at him, he retuned. I removed one plug of my earphone and greeted him good morning. He reflected the same thoughts I had last evening.

Last evening : Ian’s Roce ceremony.

Let me not word it, but show you.


On my left






Behind 🙂

You might argue, even was am using the phone. I take the blame with shame, yes even I am mobile ridden. ( The incident in lift, is a proof of that ). I try to avoid it, as much. I don’t have to make you believe it, but stand for what I think, what I write, what I want people around to realize. Look at the two beautiful ladies, smiling.. While others with a stern face, completely engrossed in their vital accessory, extended life and soul.

I am not against it, I am one of those who benefits from my mobile/smart phone.


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