Paper Towels – 1 is enough.

In the pantry, in the wash rooms, in the kitchen, in the car, bedrooms, make up room, cafeteria. Well has been part of out life. Since 1907.

Yesterday I saw a notice on the paper towel machine, “Only 1 paper towel required. Save earth! Save 1/4  trees, Reduce landfill waste by 23 lbs, Conserve 250 gallons of water. ”

While we are used to the comforts provided, no washing hands after meal, no cleaning soiled napkins after seizing, list goes on and on… But yes, benefits provided should not be exploited.  It all comes at a cost. Not just money, but also environment.

Hmm.. true, we pull more than 1 sheet always. After I read this notice, I started using one, and trust me, it is sufficient. People who were in hurry ( my friends ), I brought it to their notice and they started following it as well. Of course! there are a few unconcerned fools, who ignore what you say and even debate over saving earth. But let’s not discuss them here, they are probably wastes on our motherland and our time.

I found this TEDx video, do check it out :  How to use one paper towel | Joe Smith | TEDxConcordiaUPortland

I am pretty sure he can bring those unconcerned fools” also in-line 🙂

Well yes.. You heard it right.. Next toilet papers 😛



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