The Right Question

For past few weeks, I had been just blues about the work. One of those days, when I was already pissed off of the haphazardness of the system, work-less pay slips, and seeing other’s check ins. My “then” manager added to my agony in the one-on-one I scheduled as soon as I caught a sight of him ( very very busy man you see, not to be found at all . How did he manage to that? ). While I was stating how I do not feel that I am part of the team he’s been telling me, I am. There has been no such announcement, to the team and no work has been assigned. He called me a RESOURCE. He was trying to see our prospects with the product, how to in-line us. The rest that followed I just ignored. I was hit by it.

Well yes I maybe a resource, but I undeniably don’t want to be the one of the lambs. I have never yearned for the limelight, but neither did I wish to be a spotless cattle in the herd. I don’t doubt the recognition in the system. Probably I am not so meant for it. First I get used to the system, then they throw me to another periphery. Hmm.. I am not a dice. I am not going to be tossed around here and there.

I was scrolling down my work notebook, when I saw my scribbles. That’s the right question I am talking about. It’s nothing new. It’s been there for ages. People have been following it religiously. I might not be the most enthusiastic one, but let’s jump into the roller coaster for once.

“If you don’t want to be JUST A RESOURCE, what are you doing about it?”

What am I doing to change the situation? Time has come, I had had enough of ‘this’ shit. Probably time for ‘new one’ :P, or in the process maybe I find ‘The One’. I have had enough of this pie, ( and with that I remember the Minny’s Chocolate pie [Help movie] , you definitely need to watch that scene), it’s your turn to feed on it :D. Get out of this comfort zone, in my case it’s they other way though. Go dive into the wild waves. Unveil yourself in the darkness. Overcome your competency issues. Stand for yourself. These positions and hikes are not so precious. What are you thinking of? These are some technical jewels which you keep locked up in the safes. Build something, create yourself. It’s no way mandated to be in this sector. Go. run. find. think. fail. try.

I jot down few things I want to do. Make your list. What do you like? What do you want? Talk. share. express. And finally bring it to action.




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