An eye for an eye. A smile for a smile?

We take revenge when we are hurt. But how many times have we given back the smile? There is a sense of gratitude, but not with the same intensity as the grudge feeling in the prior case. Gandhiwadi no more exists I guess.. or atleast parents wouldn’t suggest their kids to offer the other cheek when slapped on one. It is good in books. Just blindly following it also does not make it worth. It is the era of bomb for a stone and a lakh for a life. I speak to many, at times even strangers. I hear the complain more than accomplishment. Or maybe I am the black hole for the complains, dumped and lost.

If you care, you take up a responsibility. Give. Why just give back? Pass it first. Why barter system. You have enough. Share some. It is not about you.. but it is about them. Think a little and make a change. Even if it makes no difference to you, it is a great thing for many.

Smiles. None faked. On Children’s Day, we came from ACs to natural one. Housie to a run-touch-run. A day we really lived, not just spent.