Ignorance is a bliss; but for how long. 

Ignore her sarcasm, because it brings misery to me.

Ignore his neglegence, because it values me down. 

Ignore their comments, because there’s nothing wrong in the way I am. 

Ignore the scars, because as time flies they will go too. 

Ignore the wreck, a tie will form. 


Fixing the washing machine

Every morning I either contemplate on why my life is so full of “Things to do” or make a schedule for the day. 

Since morning I was trying to quicken the process. I had to take my mom to the hospital before going to the class and then probably meet two of my friends and also complete two video and a pending website and visit a point of interest in Bangalore. Oh I also have to upload a scrap for my sister and yes finish that novel and the booklet in my bag. All done I have to close the umpteen open tabs in my chrome. I guess.. that’s it for today; Phew!

So, I wake up at 5 and we leave for walk by 5.30. Come back around 7 and then I think we can leave for hospital by 8.30 to get the first appointment. Okay, that got disrupted by the washing machine mechanic visiting us today. My sister has an exam and the washing machine guy gave an appointment of today. Okay! Don’t know when but he will give a call before he comes. Fine. 9 we will reach hospital by 10.30 will be back. 11 I can still make to the class. Meet a friend for lunch and another in the evening and maybe buy Wacom on iPod with my chroma cards and then be back and try to finish the rest of the things. 

I cook so that we make everything in time. My mom dozes off. It’s 9. Mom can we go now? She said, but the washing machine guy is coming today. Washing machine fix will be so helpful. 

A washing machine fix takes over the hospital visit 🤣. 


After a creation time the support should be taken away else that support cripples you. 

I try to be regular to the park near my house. Yesterday in the morning walk, I saw a sapling fallen along with the wooden stick tied to keep it erect. I went to help the fallen sapling. I took some stones and made a foundation for the stick to support the sapling. Looks like my effort wasn’t complete. Because after a while the stick fell and so did the sapling along.

Another man, (read experienced) went to help this little sapling stand. What he now did was take the stick away. Boom, that was all the help required for this growing little sapling. It didn’t need support now. Removing the support made it stand now. 

What support do you need to get rid of?

Chess: Black and white of it

A very small incident from the telephone conversation with my niece Nishu Baba. It made me reflect to the darker and lighter side of human thinking. Just like the chess has black and white so do we have the capability to interpret the same statement in a positive or a negative way. Choice is yours, which side of the board do you want to be.

So, she was telling me about what all sports/games she likes. We happened to click on Chess. She broke the board, but she continued playing, by creating a new chessboard for herself, out of an old cardboard. Her instructions on the phone were super clear on how to make a chessboard. Cut out a 16cm board and a white paper. Mark at every 2cm vertically and horizontally, so that we have 8 squares on length and breadth. Now color the alternating squares black. Tada.. we play again! How lovely the mind of a child thinks.

 On the other hand an adult possibly might hear this, to criticise this construction. Why act like you have no money. Can’t afford one? And the thoughts on this end has no ends.

I would really want to be that on the white side. Act first, without having seen the other person’s moves. With full confidence. 

Hey lady, what’s your age?

I so fuckin’ love this lady. She really is that lady in my head with all the right words.  It reminds me of my latest trip. Trip to Rajasthan. I was on eating golgapas in the streets of Jodhpur, when this uncle starts chatting with us. We were photographers travelling, so he asked us to join them next day for a traditional local festival. He starts talking to me too. The first question is, “Beta shadi ho gayi apki?” (Are you married?). And me being single became the world’s saddest news for him. He looked at me with pity and he wished me that I would find my prince charming soon. He was so taken aback that, after 2 hours he finds me on the same street and blesses me again, “Is saal dekhna beta, apki shadi pakka ho jaegi” (You will for sure get married this year). Thanks for the forecast with a broadcast Stranger Uncle, I sighed with embarrassment.  “Uncle ji, I don;t want to get married”, had I told this;I am certain he would have died instantly out of heart attack.

Breaking those Boundaries

Date                 : 4th July,2013
Location             : Karnataka
Where are you from?  : I am from Bihar
Where in Bihar?      : Bhagalpur, around 6hrs from Patna, overnight from Kolkata.

I was taught in school to answer this question as “I am from India” during the Kargil war in 1999. But that answer did extend to “I know you are an Indian, where in India? which state?” , with a smile curved around their face.

Date                      : 23th December,2009
Location                  : Vikramshila Express
आपका नाम क्या है?          : नंदिनी
[ What is your name?      : Nandini ]
पूरा नाम                    : नंदिनी
[ Full name?              : Nandini ]
ठीक है, पिता का नाम क्या है?  :राम बहादुर साहू
[ Ok, Father's name?      : Ram Bahadur Sahu ]
बहादुर, नेपाली? साहू, फिर शाह : साहू
Bahadur,Nepali? Sahu or shah : Sahu

I wish I had replied to that typical uncle,  “चाचा, तेली हू!  आप मेरी जाति सही पूछ रहे थे, है न |” [ Uncle, I am a Teli. You were asking my caste. Weren’t you? ]


These boundaries, religion – caste – geography. I wish I was not so civilized, you know.

  • I could swim freely like a fish and fish in the unbounded ocean and not be jailed. 
  • I could fly freely like that Great egret across the continents without having to cross a wall.
  • I could be gallop as an antelope, all the land like it is mine , without having fought for it. 
  • I could build my nest wherever I wanted to without having the worries of this world.


The other side of the wall.

Morning I went on a walk. I thought of not taking the normal track meant for joggers. I went out of the park as I wanted to make a circle in my Nike+ app. I went through those flats which were tall and high. And then I pass through people. Real people. Who woke up 6.30 in the morning to queue up their buckets, colored plastic pots and bisleri cans at the cemented water tank. Smiling and chit chatting with their neighbours. Starting their day with the fight for drinking and cooking water. Little later possibly there would be ladies washing the clothes and kids taking bath as well.   On the way, I heard the cooker whistle. Smelt the daal* that was being prepared mostly for sambhar**. The house varanda(read road) sept clean and the slippers outside. I saw a person at the 4rth floor  of those concretes, brushing his teeth and peeking down from at the daily routine.

Looking at the other side of the buildings, having passed through those broken window panes, those cracked walls. Witnessing the smiles that the onlookers exchanged. The old man carrying the bisleri can from the common tank. It is not a fight. It’s not a race. If you wish to live, there is ample amount of opportunity for you. I met a security guard cycling his way back home. I met the auto rickshaw guy who possibly dropped me once. Whatever be the condition, you can always survive. I hope those people near the Atal Bihari Vajpayee jogger’s track, the people whose houses were demolished, are doing good somewhere. I saw the balloon wala sleeping with his family outside a shop. I guess their shelter is just the blanket they have. But then with all the worries, no shoes and possibly no money, they were trying to survive, sustain their family.  It was an answer to my mind. The question that I had. All you need to do is look at the right side. There’s no point living a life full of fear. You will have to struggle, that’s all. No point running that rat race, I feel.

daal : pluses/lentil , staple food in India.

sambhar : daal/ lentil-based vegetable stew in South India.